Expanders, Property Testing and the PCP theorem

Schedule for rest of the semester

Posted in annoucements by atri on October 23, 2008

Below is the planned schedule for the rest of the semester (it is your responsibility to be aware of the meeting times even if we forget to mention them in the previous class):

  • Oct 24 (Fri): 10am-noon. Property Testing: Lecture 1 (Atri)
  • Oct 27 (Mon): No class.
  • Oct 31 (Fri): 11am-noon. Theory seminar (Muthu Venkitsubramaniam)
  • Nov 3 (Mon): 10am-noon. Property Testing: Lecture 2 (Atri)
  • Nov 7 (Fri): 10am-noon. Property Testing: Lecture 3 (Atri)
  • Nov 10 (Mon): 10am-noon. Property Testing: Lecture 4 (Atri)
  • Nov 14 (Fri): No class.
  • Nov 17 (Mon): 10:30am-noon. Student Presentation 1 (Yang)
  • Nov 21 (Fri): 10:30am-noon. Student Presentation 2 (Nathan)
  • Nov 24 (Mon): 10:30am-noon. Student Presentation 3 (Swapnoneel)
  • Nov 27 (Fri): No class.
  • Dec 1 (Mon): 10:30am-noon. Student Presentation 4 (Steve)
  • Dec 5 (Fri): 10:30am-noon. Student Presentation 5 (Than) Last meeting.

Some suggestions for presentations (all of which have to be on property testing) are now online. We very strongly recommend that you start looking at the papers ASAP and make your choice soon. (Almost all of the papers in the list will most probably turn out to be a harder read than most of the stuff you guys presented in the first half of the seminar.)

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