Expanders, Property Testing and the PCP theorem


Posted in annoucements by atri on July 28, 2008

This blog will be used to make all course related announcements for the CSE 704 in Fall 08 and Spring 09. In short, this will replace the usual class newsgroup. If you are attending classes, then it is your responsibility to check the blog regularly: you might want to think about subscribing to the RSS feeds. These announcements would include the ones that inform if and when classes/office hours are re-scheduled as well as notifications for the availability of online lecture notes.

Usually, Hung and Atri will be the only ones who will write the blog entries. There will be an entry for each lecture. You are encouraged to use the comments section to post questions and/or comments.

Sometimes, the blog may include side comments or stories that we feel are relevant to the course (but are not directly related to the lectures).

(The idea to use a blog for course announcements has been shamelessly stolen from Ryan O’Donnell)

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